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A selection of daily and commissioned stories photo edited for National Geographic

Can tourism save Italy’s ‘Dying Town’?

Like many rural villages in Italy, this 300 by 500-foot town was at risk of disappearing—until the world’s curiosity caught up to it.

How the Confederate battle flag became an enduring symbol of racism

It was never the official flag of the Confederacy. But the battle flag has since been claimed by white supremacists and mythologized by others as an emblem of a rebellious Southern heritage.

Why two million people signed up to storm Area 51

The secret military base's history reveals its enduring appeal and what might be lurking inside. Spoiler: It’s not aliens.

In WWII, the Japanese invaded Guam. Now they’re welcomed as tourists

Japan’s occupation of the island cost many lives. Despite lingering trauma, Guam has found a way to forgive the past.

How PTSD went from ‘shell-shock’ to a recognized medical diagnosis

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder have been recorded for millennia, but it took more than a century for physicians to classify it as a disorder with a specific treatment.

How art helps us make sense of COVID-19's incomprehensible toll

As the United States reaches 250,000 deaths, people are finding creative and symbolic ways to come to terms with the tragic milestone.

Are we coping with social distancing? Psychologists are watching warily

The sudden confinement of millions to their homes could have serious mental health effects, and scientists are already studying this unprecedented experiment.

Race and ethnicity: How are they different?

Race and ethnicity don't show up at the genetic level, but the concept of race still forms the human experience.

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