Borda Lines

A 25-episode, micro documentary series that follows an underground hip hop group in northern Thailand as they raise money to get a member out of war-torn Myanmar.

Below is a selection of episodes.

Borda Lines Ep 11:
Before Kyi was born, his dad was a revolutionary who led teams of guerilla fighters throughout the jungles in Myanmar. These days, most of his dad's fighting happens on Facebook. Regardless of the battle ground though, he believes it's very simple to become a revolutionary: Decide whether you're going to join the oppressor or the oppressed. There is no middle ground.

Borda Lines Ep 18:
When Za's parents fled Myanmar, they managed to escape a violent war. But in their new country, they couldn't give their son freedom. Za isn't a full citizen of any country—but finally he knows what that actually makes him. Just a human.

Borda Lines Ep 8:
Noey has a secret—and she's not sure when she should tell her parents. Long thought destined to be a lawyer or judge, she has other plans. Not only does she want to work at a bar, she's actually now the owner of Triple Edge's underground bar. 

Borda Lines Ep 10:
Za is an up-and-coming Shan rapper. Ricky is a longtime transplant from Australia. If you didn't know them, you may be surprised to hear that every Saturday they guerilla plant trees in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Borda Lines Ep 13:
What happens when both your biological and chosen family need you and neither are in the same city?  You find your own way to get paid, says Bomb, Triple Edge's Lanna rapper.

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